Cushion Inserts

We use humane feathers and recycled plastic filling!

It can be so frustrating buying a new cushion cover, only to then have to find the right insert for it to be able to use it in your home! We offer an insert solution for every cushion available in our online store, so when you get your delivery it's ready to use without the hassle. 

We offer a range of humane feather cushion inserts which bring a luxury feel to the cushion, making it soft to use but also able to be fluffed up and styled with ease. Stylist and interior designers use feather cushion inserts so they are able to do the classic 'chop' at the top of the pillow, giving character and style to your space. 

Our floor cushion inserts are better with a bit more spring, so we use an eco-friendly poly filling that has been created using recycled plastic bottles! Each insert has over 70 recycled bottles used to create it, which is great news for our planet!